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The mechanics of a golf swing can seem as complicated as the mechanics of a European car engine! Keven B Tremblay has a golf pro who knows how to dissect and popularize the golf swing so that ordinary people who love golf can enjoy it.

Keven is the title golf professional at The Tempest Golf Academy, a renowned and respected golf school among its peers. Keven will give you clear, precise advice that is easy to implement.


Training is essential for your golf. Training the right way is even more so. Too often, we visit the driving rangejust to warm up, with no specific purpose. Without defined goals, your good intentions could turn against you and you could develop flaws instead of improving yourself. Golf21.tv instructors Marc-André Roy and Éric Bourdon will be on stage at the 3 golf shows to share the best tips to help you create a simple and effective training routine that will help you improve your golf. They will teach you how to structure your practices so that they focus on quality, not quantity.


Who does not want to improve in golf? Obviously, we all want to! But how many are frustrated and not reaching their full potential? Coaches PL Bergeron and Max Beaulieu, PGA of Canada professionals, will come to share their 30 years of experience that have helped create MoreBirdies, an innovative philosophy. Whether you are an experienced golfer, an amateur or a person wishing to learn golf you can apply their principles and change the way you see golf in order to have more fun on the course and make more birdies!



Do you have what it takes? Our live auction is fast paced and highly rewarding! Over 200 auction items such as Rounds of Golf including cart, Golf Getaways to places like Ocean City and more!

  • 2 Auction sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  • Payment in Cash, Credit & Debit accepted
  • Bids start at 50% of the actual show price



Test your putting abilities at the Golf Bois-Francs putting contest. If you make a hole in one, you name will be entered into the draw and every 1/2 hour a name will be picked out and you could be the winner!

Prize: Twosome with Cart *with certain restrictions. Rules and details at theBois-Francs Golf Club booth.


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